"Honu" | Memories of Hawaii: Commissioned, private collection


Honu: A Lesson in Living

A friend provided me with a photograph of this beautiful Hawaiian sea turtle and commissioned me to do a painting for her brother as a birthday gift to remind him of their family vacation together.  It's truly a pleasure to be able to work with a memory to make it last a lifetime.

When I researched the Honu, I was truly blown away with this animal and recently wrote a post, it reads as a lesson in living:

A relaxed turtle can stay under water easily for 40 minutes to five hours, a turtle under stress can drown within a couple of minutes. 

The Hawaiian sea turtle, or Honu, represents good luck, longevity and wisdom.  In life, we have no control over luck or longevity, but we can be constantly in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.  The lesson for me in painting this beauty for a friend is to remain calm in the stress-filled water and choose instead to enjoy the beauty of the current.

Below are additional private collection commissions from Hawaiian Vacation memories of friends.