Hurricane season 2018 has been a mother shucker.

Turning hurricane to oyster season, mixing paints instead of drinks to calm my soul-grateful here but worried for friends finding gritty sand in their teeth and no pearls today.

Oysters on Birchwood Canvas  24 x 48  $1600

Oysters on Birchwood Canvas

24 x 48


When I feel like...

Go!Go!Go!...like that frantic crab on the beach...zipping this way and that, desperate for a hole to dart in and disappear...that's when I paint.  Sometimes I feel like a CRAzyB with my pincers out, fighting all I have to do vs. all I want to do.I have a small business to run, and I love it, but I also love to paint.  I also love to cook breakfast rather than have the kids grab a bowl of cereal.  I like to drive them to their activities.  I like to make time for friends.  I actually enjoy mowing the yard and weeding (though it was punishment growing up).  I make dinner every night because I enjoy family time at the dinner table.  I sit on a few boards for causes I care about.  I have a community garden plot (albeit is rather wimpy looking in produce these days) and I have lots of ideas of things I want to paint.  Lots.  I know I am the one who CHOOSES to scurry around like a CRA(capital)B.  I know I turn into someone I don't want to when it all comes to a head.  I need to commit less, but I love doing all I do....I just want to be able to sleep faster....that would be gold!  Actually, I love to sleep, so that's not going to be something I spend less time on.  I just need to sometimes remember that I CHOOSE this busy life, so I should make sure that B stands for Beauty and paint my way through!

Below are some of my crabby moments!