"Daughter-and-Son Flowers" 

Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 24" x 48"



Flowers. Not funeral flowers, not guilt flowers to try to make up or grab-and-go from the market for the latest lady holiday flowers.

Daughter and Son flowers.  I opened the shade. It had been an overnight on the train, the soothing back-and-forth click-clack of the rail was how we went to sleep and awoke.  The shade pulled startled me, it was very early morning but looked like mid afternoon with the bright mile after mile of sunflower farms in France.  

Those family moments that you want to last forever.  Innocent eyes that see only the best in this world. Quiet time where the only screen we stare at together is the one nature intended.  Coming off of spring break and inching ever soooo slowly towards summer, I wait wonder for what we'll find this year in the daughter and son flower hours.